Team HighRev Go Karts!!

September 18th, 2011 ainokea No comments

Alamo Go Karts
On this day, THR attacked the track! We had 16 drivers grip the asphalt and burning rubber. Every member had a smile from ear to ear, and wanted more! The karts were adjusted for the experienced racers and that’s when things got serious. Team HighRev was so pleased with the location that they are looking to start a League. Please contact Ainokea, or post on the Facebook wall if you are interested in joining.

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Big Lou’s Cruise 2 – 9/11

September 11th, 2011 ainokea No comments

On September 11th, Team HighRev ate the largest pizza in Texas! They collected donations that went towards the support of 9/11 families. We will never forget. THR Austin join up with San Antonio to eat 4 of the largest pizzas, while finally enjoying some football! Please check Team HighRev on Facebook for more events to follow.

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Wild Fire Relief Fund

September 10th, 2011 ainokea No comments

Team High Rev teamed up with CentexVQ and CupCake Meet to gather donations for the wild fire victims. We went to a meet up location and then drove to the Oasis on Lake Travis to drop off donations. The wild fires hit close to home in many of the chapters cities. One of our SA members had a fire in his neighborhood that was quickly extinguished. Donations were brought up to Austin from San Antonio to help many of the Texans who lost their home in these wild fire tragedies.

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Mean Streets Part 3

August 28th, 2011 ainokea No comments

This visit to Mean Streets was another good one! Show was hosted at Bikini Bar and Grill in North Austin. With the DJ blasting music, THR drank, ate, and laughed our way to the podium table. We had members from San Antonio participate in the event that brought many laughs along with them. The event went longer than expected, and some of the SA members left a little early. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it in this final photo with all the trophies.

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Twin Peaks Car Wash

August 27th, 2011 ainokea No comments

Team High Rev Houston and Twin Peaks team up to wash some cars! With the great food and “view,” cars, motorcyles, and trucks poured in by the hundreds. With great food and raffles, all the donations raised went the to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Coming together again for a great cause, and helping someone out in need.

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Cupcake Meet X

June 25th, 2011 ainokea No comments

Once again with no hesitation THR joins forces with Cupcake Meet in Dallas to surround the Cotton Bowl. Over 1,500 cars came out to benefit the “Japan Relief Fund.” Major natural disaster devastates the shores of Japan leaving thousands homeless. Being hundreds of miles away, our next best thing to help them is donate to the Red Cross. Being proud sponsors of CCM, we drive over 100 miles to Dallas to enjoy our teams company and appreciate the machine…the car.

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THR-BQ – 2 year Anniversary

May 14th, 2011 ainokea No comments

Team High Rev gathered in San Antonio to host a Bar-B-Que benefiting Dell’s Children. We had sponsors from each city: Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Cobb-Austin, JMS Racing, and Hybrid-Racing donated their time, money, and prizes for raffles. We had a great turn out and gave food away for charitable donations. The food turned out so good, we ran out!! Can’t wait until Ainokea gets to cook another brisket!

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Mean Streets Part 2

April 10th, 2011 ainokea No comments

On this Mean Street show, Team High Rev walked away with more trophies then a single person can hold! THR had a great turn out with close to 20 cars from all 3 chapters. Almost every member walked away with a trophy. Thanks Mean Streets!!

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Featured Member

March 3rd, 2011 THR No comments

Clinton's Habi CoupeWe’re proud to announce that Clinton is our Featured Member.  He has been a reliable and active team member since the beginning and we’d like to give him recognition for his participation.  To read more about Clinton and his car and see more pics, visit his thread in our forums.

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CupCake Meet 9

February 11th, 2011 ainokea No comments

THR loves to team up with Cupcake Meet for any time they are doing charity. Once again we get to look at thousands of cars, drifting, and listen to great music. This show was gathered to benefit a local Austin elementary school. With members coming out from every city, what better way for us to hang out and laugh while we help support those in need.

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